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Imogen has the ability to see into the future, but she has never been able to affect any change, so what good does it do her? The last surviving sister of three, she moves back to her home town of Graydon and reconnects with an old friend, Rafe.  After she accepts a job in his costume shop, they begin to realize that they belong together, and that their ancestry is a lot more than they bargained for. Because of her “gift”, two ancient demons want to use her as a vessel to reincarnate. After a life altering experience and losing Rafe in the process, Imogen finds herself a demon hunter, moving from town to town, killing all the demons, then moving on to the next. Will she be able to save the world from demon infestation? Rafe is out there....somewhere, can she find him again, and will he be able to accept her new found role, and forgive her her transgressions?

This is Ms. Harvey’s first novel, and one can see the potential here, even if this book would benefit from a little more editing. One would be remiss if not to put a reader warning on this story: there are some gruesome scenes, not to mention a sexual scene that involves necrophilia. Also, if one is of a religious nature, one might take offense to the religious aspects in this novel. However, if one likes their stories on the dark side, this will fit the bill nicely. Ms. Harvey is on her way to finding success as a paranormal/horror indie author!

Tonya Smalley