Curse of the Amber


FANTASY/HISTORICAL/TIME TRAVEL:  Determined to forge a name for herself and not just bank on her deceased father’s reputation, Azi throws herself into becoming a strong renowned archeologist. While on a dig in Britain the means for her goal all but fall into her lap when she discovers a fully preserved, intact male. However, complications arise when he comes back from the dead and she is left with no body in the lab. Feeling a desperate need to protect this man, she smuggles him back to her house and hides him but does not plan to love him. He is simply a means to an end. More struggles arise when Azi learns that the witch who put her beloved Quintus in his death mask so long ago, is not only alive but has her sights set on him and his destruction. 

The heart of this book has the ability to steal the reader’s breath and not return it until the very end. With the amount of details, as far as not only the story but also the glance into archeological procedures, the audience often feels they are living a different life rather than merely reading. Though there are a couple spots that drag or are slightly inconsistent, the drive to want to follow this tale past the last page is incredible. Getting glimpses into both the hero and heroine’s thoughts with very little problems, transitioning helps create a bond with the characters not easily released. There is a solid hook from the very start that no one is able to resist- pulling one in and giving them the ride of their lives. 

Yannie Sorensen