The Cult of Unicorns (Penny White, #2)


Five months ago Vicar Penny White was minding her own business when she stumbled upon a dragon needing the Last Rites. Now she’s the part-time (wishing it was full-time) Vicar General of Incursions for England’s equivalent country Lloegyr in the parallel world of Daear. Trying to balance her priestly duties in two worlds is tricky, but she feels she’s doing a decent job of it. Her personal life, however, is a bit complicated. Everything comes to a head after Penny figures out how humans are dying with a huge hole in their bodies. Shaken by the experience, she must decide which path she will now trod.

In fantasy, one can imagine all things and there’s not much more fanciful than a widowed functional alcoholic small-parish vicar who is also the Vicar General of Incursions from a parallel fantasy world. With an interesting look into the life of a small town parish, a mystery to solve, problems to wrangle, and relationships to balance author Chrys Cymri delivers a first-rate humorous read. As a second book in the series, new readers may wonder what rabbit hole they’ve fallen into while returning readers will slide down with unabashed glee. However it doesn’t take long to catch up and then one is off and running with Penny and her motley gang. One drawback is the prolific Doctor Who references that tend to distract from the actual plot and bog down the pacing. Aside from that minor flaw, this is one fantastical tale not to be missed!

Carol Conley