Cryonic Man: A Paranormal Affair


In 1976, heavyweight boxer Jim Jackson is diagnosed with a brain tumor and given six months to live. Deciding that 26 is too young for the ultimate KO, he turns to a radical new science called cryonics. Upon his death, he is preserved until such time his tumor can be treated. He didn't count on being frozen for 50 years or having the spirit of Erzsébet Báthory hijacking his body when he is revived. Now he’s in the fight of his life, trying to expel Erzsébet so he can be the captain of his body once more. Who will win this heavyweight title bout?


Lovers of science fiction will geek out over the finely detailed explanation of cryonics, and lovers of history will swoon over Erzsébet and the interpretation of her past. While the writing flows smooth as honey, the minute attention to detail tends to slow the plot at various stages, causing those less science-minded to wander about aimlessly until the plot once again gains forward momentum. Jim Jackson takes considerable time to go from a one-dimensional oaf to a more complex being while Erzsébet comes out of the gate larger than life. Their battle of wills is fascinating to watch and the possibility of immortality bracelets adds a paranormal twist. Zsombor is a scary villain and the ending is killer, but the romance falls flat. However, this is one knock-down drag-out fight you won’t want to miss! 


Carol Conley