Cruentus: Rise to Power


Beautiful Emiliana Gallo grew up poor but happy and loved, until the day her father’s mistake came back to haunt him, making her a pawn in a deadly game of power.  Emiliana is ripped from her home and made to wed Donato Cruentus, son of the most powerful and feared warlock, Arturo.  Little does Emiliana know of Donato’s great love for her - or the ancient prophecy that makes her the most valued of gifts.  

Donato is aware of his father's insatiable desire for power and his greed for control but his love for Emiliana drives him to accept his father’s ruthless plan. However, his father does not know that Donato is determined to show Emiliana that love can flourish even in the worst of circumstances.  And, slowly it does -  until their wedding day finds her kidnapped.  That’s when the truly dangerous game for power begins!

Wow!   What an incredible start to a promising series, and what a fine beginning for a gifted new author!  “Cruentus” grabs the reader by the heart from the very first page,  never allowing a moment of boredom to encroach on this surprisingly rich novella.  The author draws  each character with pitch-perfect precision.  The villain is evil in a greedy, power-hungry persona that still allows for believability.  The hero is heart-thumpingly worthy while flawed enough to question his motives.  The heroine may be a bit too perfect to be completely believable, yet she adds a complimentary light that is needed amidst the dark world that has been drawn.  As with most superbly written stories the short length is its biggest downfall, but only because it just wasn’t enough.   One can only hope Ms. Bloomfield writes fast!

TJ MacKay