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Zaida, blade mistress siren and Fae queen's assassin, has only one more target on her century’s old contract before she gains her freedom from the cruel queen’s murderous service. Zimm, former Army Ranger sniper, now FBI agent, has been assigned to the secret task force to protect her and three other magical women in charge of investigating bizarre deaths with paranormal connotations.

Ruby Berry, head-strong daughter of an English privateer, is forced into an unwanted betrothal to Vice-Admiral William Stanhope, who she considers an uppity bore. She doesn’t mind letting her parents know she longs for a more adventurous life.

NYPD Detectives Mike Stoneman and Jason Dickson take a much-needed weekend cruise to Bermuda, hoping to dodge publicity and spend time with their lady loves, Medical Examiner Michelle and her friend Rachel. As fate would have it, they are soon embroiled in an onboard murder investigation on the high seas.

Seeking a witch for a money spell is proof that impulsive Helen has reached rock bottom. She’s disappointed when said witch informs Helen she’s a witch herself, gives her some crystals, a grimoire of spells, and sends her away to solve her own problems. Brian, aging rock star of Helen's favorite band, wants to move into the executive branch of the music industry.

The Haunted Purse

When Libby Dawson buys a denim purse at her local thrift store, strange things start happening. She soon discovers that her treasured new purse is haunted by a ghost; a ghost who wants her to solve a decades-old cold case. Soon Libby and her friend Toni are on the prowl for answers. But Libby has troubles of her own. She lives in the bad part of town and her mother is almost never around.