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Recently divorced, Tilly Donner is trying to pick up the pieces of her life, while working her job as the only reporter of the local paper. When a neighbor's nectarine orchard goes up in flames one night, and her other neighbor ends up dead the next morning, Tilly wonders if the small town she's grown to love harbors a murderer in its midst.

HISTORICAL:  Lord Nathaniel "Nash" Trentham, Earl of Wessex, stopping at an inn on the way to his estate, contemplates the boredom of his life when he spies a female disguised in male clothing being attacked. Nash gets more than he bargained for when he discovers a pair of French rogues, but no sooner does he dispatch them when the woman races off on his prized stallion!


HISTORICAL:  Four years after WWI, Anthony Anselmo carries the burden of his older brother's death, the men who died on his watch, and the final request of his grandfather. It is the last that sends Anthony from his native Italy to the Italian community in Chicago Heights. There he meets Lina Bright, a doctor trying to establish herself in a man's world.

Scandal’s Promise

Seven years ago, a scandal caused by trickery and cowardice separated betrothed sweethearts Andrew Quimby and Emily Sinclair. Still carrying a torch for Lady Emily, Andrew returns home from war as the new Lord Cardmore, widowed, wounded, burdened with an addiction to laudanum and a responsibility for a young son he’s never met.

Once Upon a Twelfth Night – A Haute Ton Reader Society Anthology
Christina Alexandra, Clair Brett, Sofie Darling, A. S. Fenichel,
Carrie Lomax, Erica Taylor, Tanya Wilde

The Earl and Countess of Stapleton invite you to celebrate the magic of Twelfth Night. Readers will thoroughly enjoy delightful novellas filled with scandal, humor, and passion RSVP’d by seven talented authors.

“Twelve Nights of Ruin” by Carrie Lomax