Crossing Time: A Standalone Paranormal Romance Novel (Saint’s Grove Book 5)

M. H.

Albert Saint was living under a cloud of doubt in the 19th century.  Plagued by parental interference he feared he would never be free to control his own life.  When an attempted robbery of his amulet nearly cost him his life he is suddenly transported forward in time where he meets Maddie Frost.  Unknowingly having opened several portals with his arrival, Albert lands in the middle of utter chaos as horrific fairy tale characters suddenly come to life, threatening Maddie’s life and livelihood.  Their fates are sealed when Maddie saves Albert from the monsters. Can they race to unravel the events to return their town to normal while fighting an undeniable force that pulls them to each other?


"Crossing Time" is a paranormal tale that has it all!  This action-packed installment is slated as a stand-alone, but the brevity of details for a backstory might leave readers a bit unsatisfied.  There are a few editing issues that can be easily corrected with copy edits, and as they are could have readers raising a brow.  The shifting point of view from first person to third person has the potential to alienate some readers.  Readers might wonder which aspect stands out more in this tale: Albert and Maddie’s appeal to one another or the blender of paranormal jellybeans that change constantly.  While fighting for their lives might be the focus behind their budding romance, the lack of conflict consistency can be distracting.  Action seekers will definitely appreciate the non-stop pace of this tale.


Jordyn Teel