Cross Stitch (Time Traveler Book 2)


TIME TRAVEL:  Sarah Yates just wants to have a normal, beautiful wedding day. Unfortunately when you are a time-traveler or a “stitch”, as it were, nothing is ever straight forward or easy. Standing before the altar one moment saying her vows, the next minute she is thrown back to an era on the brink of war and into the presence of a schoolmarm that rivals Nanny McPhee. But when Sarah is returned to her own time, Miss Ratchet comes along for a ride. The attempts to return Veronica to her own time are continually thwarted until she and Sarah are hurtled through time, several times. Eventually Sarah and John are allowed to have the wedding reception that they wanted, but who knows what might be right around the corner for the time travelers.


Amanda James has created a new world full of time travelers that have one job: to find and stop someone from dying or to find someone to make a change in order to affect the future in a positive way. Slow to start because it is a sequel and it's hard to follow unless the reader knows the back story from the first book. “Cross Stitch” is a fun, light hearted, and humorous story that will keep readers engaged and will be rooting for Sarah and John. They will be laughing along with Veronica’s antics and praying for her return to her own time. Amanda James has done an excellent job creating the second book in a series that will continue to have readers coming back again and again. 

Mary-Nancy Smith