Cowboy: Book 3 of the Shadow Keeper Series

Jas T.

Gunned down in the dusty streets of the Wild West, and interned in Hell, William “Jess” Bailey now finds himself as one of the deadliest warriors in The Grid. But as he finds that his time on earth is quickly coming to a close, he has but one goal left: keep his daughter safe from Hell’s clutches. When Beth Daniels arrived on the scene of a homicide, she immediately arrested Jess as the killer. Until he is released moments later, with a strict warning to stay away from him. As the chemistry between them heats up hotter than Dante’s Inferno they both will have to face their own fears: love and loss.


From the opening lines readers hearts will break as the author expertly pulls on the strings of one’s heart as she vividly recounts the hero’s childhood filled with abuse and neglect that ultimately shapes Jess’s personality. Additionally, readers bear witness to the gut-wrenching tragedy as his personal happily ever after is executed right before his eyes. However, while steam is certainly not lacking, some may find disappointment as the characters seem to have little interaction with one another prior to their heat filled horizontal mambo in the sheets. The author eloquently brings Jess’s past full circle to his present to create a unique conflict and climax. While wonderfully written, readers can expect finer details to be left to the unknown. Readers will laugh out loud at the banter, and humor between Beth and Jess. 


Stephanie Lodes