Conspiracy of Ravens (Raven Crawford, #1)


Raven Crawford is just your average girl living in North Burnaby, BC. She hates her ex-boyfriend, works hard to make ends meet, and is secretly part Underworld fae, living in the mortal realm. When the rather gorgeous-looking Lord of Darkness requires her help, she doesn’t want to get involved despite her immense attraction to him. That is, until she finds out her now-missing twin brother, Bear, has stolen something precious to him. Not only is the Lord of Darkness, fondly known as Cole, looking for the Claíomh Solais that was stolen, another sinister denizen of the Underworld named Luke Bane is also on the hunt for Bear and what he has stolen. Raven needs to use her quick thinking as well as her fae skills to locate her twin before harm comes to him.

Author J.C. McKenzie creates an in-depth world that will satisfy the cravings of fantasy and mythology lovers alike. The beginning of the novel is quite sluggish as the author builds and explains the world they created, but then races to the end, leaving a reader breathless and wanting more story. Raven is extremely witty, but what she makes up in snark, she lacks in substantial character development. She seems to be only defined by her lust for Cole instead of becoming an extraordinary heroine for the story. Despite that, the twist the author sets up is extremely gratifying and the chemistry between the characters is sizzling from the very first moment they meet. Anyone with a love for the dark and mysterious will want to dive headfirst into this magical novel!

Jen Griffin