Confessions of a Pirate Ghost (Gambling Ghosts Series Book 3)


Haley David is swimming for her life at the beginning of this adventurous paranormal romance. The attractive art forger finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time when she bears witness to her mobster boss murdering his accountant. After diving from his yacht into the sea off the coast of Sunset Cove, Haley manages to swim to shore and finds shelter in an old Victorian teahouse, but her troubles are far from over. Not only does her ex-boss want her dead, but the teahouse she has stumbled upon is haunted…by six ghosts!

There are some very cute and humorous moments in this short paranormal adventure. The ghosts who inhabit the teahouse bring their fight to the mobster goons in the narrative quite creatively, employing battle strategies that will make the reader giggle. The novella could be strengthened further by the use of a good line editor to assist with creating dialogue which flows more naturally, deeper development of the main characters and to fix some incorrectly hyphenated words, all of which may deter from the reading experience for some readers. Some plot elements like Haley’s knowledge of the ghosts before they become visible, the insta-love element with a character introduced late in the narrative and the lack of details during the final fight scene may also detract from the reader’s enjoyment of the book. A reworking of the dialogue, along with the addition of depth to Haley’s character and some of the action scenarios would create a ghostly adventure sure to keep the reader captivated into the wee hours of the morning.

Claudette Melanson