Concealed (A Vampire Blood Courtesan Novel)


Lexi Dixon is ill and she becomes a blood courtesan to pay for the treatment she requires. She is given a client that all the other courtesans fear. Gavin Morris is tall, sexy and Lexi is instantly enthralled. The more time they spend together, the more she yearns for Gavin to be hers. As time goes on and they get closer, it becomes clear that they are meant to be together. Will Lexi be able to get the cure she so desperately needs and get her happily ever after?

This is a standalone book that is filled with passion, romance and a tall, dark sexy vampire. The plot moves at a brisk pace with varied characters. The concept of blood courtesans is an interesting one. It would have been amazing if the book were longer as the story has a fascinating plot. Rosalie Redd has written a beautiful paranormal romance with searing hot scenes between Lexi and Gavin. "Concealed" is a cracking read for those with a couple of hours to spare who want a book that will send tingles throughout. This book will also have readers going back to read the other books not only in this series, but other books written by this author. A definite must read that should be a sexy addition to any e-reader. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick