The Colonial (Curse Breaker's Series #2)


Melissa Salazar is a high powered attorney in Los Angeles, but is tired of living so far away from her best friend Aria. Dominic, Aria's husband, owns a house that has been in his family for hundreds of years, and has been empty far too long. This house is perfect for Melissa since it has a separate building that she can use as her office, handling family and divorce law. Selling her practice, she moves east to start a new slower paced career and life.

As a vampire, Detective Aiden Cooper has waited 150 years for the return of his lost love Abigail. He was promised by Abigail's mother, a witch, that the soul of his beloved would return to him one day. Late one night, he smells blood, lots of blood, and it has a familiar odor. Following his sense of smell, he finds Melissa brutally beaten and left for dead.

 Charlie Daye is a master at writing relationships with passion, love and a bit of sarcasm just to make it entertaining! Her heroes are steamy, sexy and strong, the villains evil to the core and cringe-worthy.  “The Colonial” is the second book of the Curse Breaker's series, but does very well standing on its own. Characters from the first book do reappear, so for the ultimate in reading enjoyment, it is  recommended that the first book be read. Melissa’s character is written as a strong, independent woman, almost too strong - to the point of stretching believability - such as, when she has been brutally attacked, she never deals with any psychological trauma, leaving that as the only reason this book doesn't rate a rousing five stars.  The story itself  has one cheering for Melissa and her client, and one's fingers sizzling from the hot, hot, hot, love scenes!

Tonya Smalley