Close Liaisons

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Five years have passed since the aliens known as the Krinard, an intellectually and technologically advanced race, have come from another galaxy to find a new place to live.  They assimilate themselves into our world; all while making great changes in the way humans live and eat.  In the five years they have been here, they have exerted a great deal of control over the humans very existence, all ’for their own good’.
Mia is a college student in New York City.  A Krinard named Korum spots her in Central Park and basically begins to stalk her, deciding he wants her sexually.  She resists this alien being; but eventually succumbs, not only to his advances, but to his domineering will.  Korum has told her that his people are here to help humans. Mia’s roommate, worried about her, enlists the aid of the K resistance movement. Armed with stories of how the Krinard are enslaving humans for their blood, they convince Mia to spy on Korum for them.  Mia is torn between her lover and her fear for mankind.
For all the Sci-fi elements thrown in, innovative technology, and pieces of various genres, this is basically an erotic romance; and heavy on the (repetitious) erotic sex. The book is a mix of old ‘aliens taking over the world’ tropes, standard sci-fi themes, and borrows heavily from a certain trilogy of erotic books about a virginal young woman and a dominant, rich businessman.  There is really not a lot about the story that is original; but it was still fascinating, readable, and extremely entertaining.  The story is not concluded in this book; it is to be continued in the next book of the series.

Faith Turner