Cloaked In Fur


Daciana (Daci) is a young wulfkin who is racing the clock to find an elixir that will rid her of her inner wolf and leave her fully human to live happily ever after with her human boyfriend, Connell.  Throw in a jealous ex-boyfriend, a murderous dracwulf, and an increasingly unstable pack leader, and it will be a miracle if Daci even survives until the end of the week, much less realizes her dream of attaining full humanity.  And even if she does succeed, will Connell stand by her after all the lies she’s told him?


“Cloaked In Fur” has almost as much action-adventure as romance, as the scenes unfold at breakneck speed.  In fact, the action rushes along almost as if the author is hoping the reader won’t have time to notice how implausible the story really is.  Characters lack depth and do not react in a reasonable manner.  More details concerning the history of wulfkin in general, and Daci’s pack in particular, would go a long way towards investing the reader in the outcome of the story.  There are still readers hungry for werewolf tales, but with the recent glut, new entries need to be tight and well-honed in addition to providing a unique take on well-trod territory.  This book has the skeleton of a fresh approach to werewolf mythology and, with some adjustments to pacing and focus, it could be a solid addition to the collection.


Leslie Stokes