Cloaked in Christmas: A Wulfkin Legacy Novella


Wulfkin Cacey Varg and her daughter are on the run from her abusive, alcoholic ex. Finding refuge and acceptance with a new pack in Finland, Cacey settles happily in her new life until her ex discovers where she lives. Her plan to run goes awry when an enormous snowstorm and a handsome stranger alter it. 


Vincent Lyall, second-in-command to the Varlac alpha, is on vacation to visit his parents and does not expect to be stranded in a cabin with Cacey. Nor does he anticipate the smoldering attraction that ignites between them. 


Although this paranormal romance (interlaced with Christmas charm) has dark elements woven into the storyline, it takes the reader on an adventure that will have them feeling good not only at the ending, but throughout the story. Although a predictable tale - with a beginning that starts out a tad bit slow and an ending that is somewhat rushed - it nevertheless rivets one’s attention and has the pages turning rapidly as the tension builds. With sizzling chemistry that’s palpable, sensuality that heats the blood and endearing characters that leap off the page, this novel not only captivates its readers, but also satisfies. A definite boon to the libraries of paranormal readers and romance lovers alike!


Janna Shay