Andrea R.

Renee Maxwell has always wanted to be an archeologist.  She loves nothing better than to get her hands dirty looking for treasures from the past.  When she finally gets the opportunity to work as an assistant archeologist on a dig in Turkey, she is determined to let nothing get in her way.  Except that her boss Damon Cubins is distractingly hot and it takes real focus and determination to keep her mind on her job.

Damon Cubins is more than just a hot guy.  He’s an actual demi-god with the power to seduce any woman he wants.  Although he wants Renee, he tries to keep himself under control, because he isn’t running this dig in Turkey because of an interest in archeology.  In search of a priceless treasure that can mean the difference between salvation and damnation, he must try to keep his mind and his hands off Renee.

“Claimed” is a novel with a refreshingly original story line.  The setting is exotic and the author’s prose is descriptive and easy to read.  Some of the details of the story are inconsistent and the book could have benefitted from some closer editing.  There are also some predictable plot twists in the arc of the story.  The story’s strength is that the relationship between the two protagonists develops naturally and overall, Ms. Cooper has created a fascinating tension between the characters that keeps the reader engaged.    Well done!

Gwenellen Tarbet