Cinder the Fae

Rebekah R.

FANTASY:  Cinder lost the last of the family who cared for her long ago. Now she is working herself to the bone to keep the peace in the house she shares with her step mother.  She has a best friend in Rome, a Prince of Fairelle - they've been together most of their lives.  She is really upset at the Prince when she finds out from her stepmother about the contest to marry him off.  She loves Rome, but does he love her? 


This story has a great sense of humor, and will amuse readers as they cheer for justice to be served.  It has the skeleton of a Cinderella story, but that is all that relates to the classic tale.  The author truly weaves a world that a reader gets lost in.  There are some portions where the story drags at times, but the antagonist's events that the author writes will get the blood pumping!  Cinder and Rome are not the classically written "Prince comes to save the maiden in distress" story.  They are both independent, head strong and humorous, creating a story filled with magic, shifters and those who are power hungry.  It has many facets that are well explained by the author in the world of Fairelle. A fantastic read for all those who love feisty women that make their lives full of life!


Laura Dinsdale