Children of Poseidon- Damnamenos Bk 3


Freed from his icy prison, Damnamenos the youngest son of Poseidon was only interested in revenge on his ex-lover and coven that betrayed him, until he discovers one of his seawitches is nearly destroyed by a corrupt sorcerer. Maya Redcar is just beginning to come into her power and chaffing under her father’s thumb. Despite the negative history between Maya and Damnamenos, the two team up to take on an enemy so insane and powerful it’ll take everything both of them have to not only stop him, but save each other.


The third book in the paranormal “Children of Poseidon” series, “Damnamenos” brings back the characters from the previous books and wraps up some loose ends while creating some magic of its own. The romance sparking between Maya and Damnamenos is balanced by magic and action, giving this book plenty to offer. However, the action is somewhat drowned out by the dialogue, and the romance is sudden without much build up. Still, the characters are interesting, with exciting backgrounds, and the world provides room for further books.  This is a good paranormal read, and fans of this series will definitely want to see Maya give Damnamenos a run for his money.


Sarah E Bradley