Chasing Starlight: Cassandra's Story (The Daughters of Night Chronicles) 

Jennifer Siddoway,
Matilda Reyes

Cassandra Williams is finally feeling that her life is being sorted out. Being a dream weaver did not exactly come with instructions but with her move back to Southern California, and her new job as an elementary school teacher, it seems that things might be balancing out. Even her love life looks like it is taking a turn for the better despite the obvious displeasure of her father, the Lord of Night, who only seems to be interested in parenting when it suits him. Unfortunately, the dream realm is not always the safest place for a weaver, and not going is simply not an option. With Shadow Demon attacks getting closer, Cassandra will have to decide what price she is willing to pay to save herself and the one she loves or risk losing it all. 

This story about Dream Weavers provides an interesting new take on various Fae and lore pertaining to the realm of dreams. Although the reader can gather enough information to follow the story, at times this reads more like a companion novella, rather than an original story in its own right. The pacing was problematic, with a slow beginning but a rushed ending, and it provided a lot of disconnect between the reader and the story with leaps needing to be made to join the dots. The ending does provide closure for the characters despite it feeling very abrupt, but had the novel been expanded, and details more fleshed out, the book’s originality would have been able to shine. 

Melanie Newton