Chasing Destiny

Sydney Ashcroft,
Dani Nichols

HISTORICAL:  Akantha has spent her life defending the world against that which might destroy it. She becomes the Nazi's most wanted when she discovers sensitive information that they may get their hands on a dangerous weapon, the Spear of Destiny. In order to stop them, she will have to get help from the one person she did not want to be involved with again. Damianos hurt her and she finds it difficult to forgive him, let alone trust him. As they try to source the spear, they have to deal with danger and potential heartache. She must find the spear in order to prevent the destruction of mankind. 

This co-written novel is full of excitement and danger coupled with the question of will the main characters get over their past and be together. The one aspect that took away from the book was some clichés that crept into the story. However, the action sequences and description of settings really pull the reader into the heart of the action. The love story entwined adds to the character of this novel. The introduction of the Nazis is interesting; the authors very definitely did their research into their novel's setting and characters. This book is different from other paranormal romances out there and it will be good to see what happens in future books. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick