Chasing Adonis

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Thirty, the big three-oh, Adara knows things have to change in her life, but she doesn’t expect to experience a nightmare from her past and an adoring pursuer (Ted) who knows everything about her and might have nefarious intentions. Nor does she expect a tough cop (Shane) to protect her from said admirer and nightmare. And, even though Ted seems perfect: incredibly beautiful, smooth and totally smitten with her, she can’t help feeling drawn to Shane.
Shane Griffin’s outlook on life has changed significantly after the tragic death of his sister. Now he’s left with his traumatized nephew to raise and the fact he’d been abused for years without his knowledge. When Adara bursts into his life, injured and possibly a victim of abuse, he feels a strong need to protect her. Sticking around her is all about ensuring her safety and has nothing to do with her beauty, sense of humor or her compassion, of course.
What neither Adara nor Shane could predict is that they are just chess pieces in a game played by immortals, for Adara is Adonis reborn and Ted is actually Aphrodite, two lovers in a past life…
An extraordinary blend of humor, romance and mythology! The amusing banter and funny descriptions will keep a reader laughing and the interesting setup will keep the pages turning! Shane was extremely likable, Ted perfect in his role, but Adara crossed the line to annoying and unreasonable a few times too many. Nonetheless, the author’s storytelling talent shines through and illuminates the extremely enjoyable “Chasing Adonis”!  
Mimi Smith