Charming Marjani (The Fada Shapeshifters #5)


She can’t let herself be charmed by the ice king’s envoy because Marjani Savonett has undertaken one last mission as her alpha brother’s second-in-command. Fane Morningstar wants more, but the fae never let him forget that he’s not pureblooded. Meeting Marjani turns everything he thought he wanted on its head. She’s seen too much and lived through too much darkness which has her cat threatening to take over. He’d sell his soul for a night with her which he just might have to do.

This paranormal romance has a dark and dangerous ambiance that grabs hold of readers right from the start, and, with the adrenaline pumping excitement and thrilling suspense keeps them glued to the pages until the very end. The world itself is fascinating with some unique elements and twists that make it stand out from other shifter – fae books. “Charming Marjani” has wonderfully strong characters that readers will easily connected with. The fast-paced smooth-flowing plot includes lots of exciting events, character building, and relationship building interactions that make it easy for the readers to become completely immersed in the story. The intense, emotional storyline about Marjani and Fane’s past and present ensures that readers will fall for the characters themselves. There is never a dull moment in this nail-biting and gripping story that has a well-deserved and ‘romance worthy’ conclusion for the hero and heroine!

E.L. Hurley