Charming Her Rogue 

HISTORICAL:  Lady Catherine Langdon is no ordinary lady. Her family ancestry goes back to a group of early Celtic witches, and their unique and magical abilities have been passed onto her. Although she is under the watchful eye of her guardian, she is secretly studying to be a nurse. By chance she meets Asher Rossington, Earl of Carrick, and the new Marquess of Seabrook. When world war one breaks out, he is sent to do his duty for king and country while, Catherine is able to put her nursing skills and her abilities to good use. Always fearing the worst, she wonders if Asher and their love can survive this war.
What begins as a typical historical romance develops into a world war one story with dangerous predicaments facing the characters on many occasions, taking the reader on a journey filled with courage and adventure. Too often, it’s confusing as to what the story wants to be. The relationship between Asher and Catherine develops nicely but too often doesn’t really shine as it could. Catherine seems to save the day on too many occasions, making the plot less believable. Asher and Catherine's intimacy is heartfelt and heart-warming, once it finally arrives, and will have the reader longing for them to be together. Catherine's magical abilities are an interesting addition to both her character and how she helps ailing soldiers, adding a bit of mystery as does Asher as a spy. Overall an intriguing story with affable characters that are easy to like.
Maggie Faria