Charmed Against All Odds (Secrets of Roseville #5)


When Leo goes back to his hometown after his father dies, it is solely to settle the estate so he can head back to his baseball team.  His hopes for a quick escape are dashed when he discovers a box that his father left him.  When Leo takes the box to his ex-fiancée, Roxie, they uncover a charm bracelet and directions that they must work together to find all of the charms that go on it.  It turns out to be an enchanted charm bracelet, upon which Roxie’s mother put a spell.  The spell forces the two of them to work together to find all of the charms.  Leo is not thrilled about the delay in getting back to his regular life, but is willing to see it through.  Since they will be spending so much time together…will they rekindle their romance?

This is not your typical romance story!  Leo and Roxie are similar in that they have both had their share of loss.  The immediate conflict between them as they start their quest makes them both likeable characters as well as human, each with their own agenda.  Add to that the elements of the enchanted charms and a little bit of magic and it makes this an endearing story of a couple that the reader hopes will find their way back to each other.  The use of magic is sprinkled throughout the story mostly by Roxie and is a fun way for the reader to see the depth of her powers.  Readers of either paranormal or romance will enjoy this book!  

Stephanie Shaw