Charm Me Again


MYSTERY:  When Summer’s brother Daylan comes to see her, he brings with him an unwanted ghost.  He needs her help to figure out what the ghost wants and make him disappear forever.  He did not expect to meet a mortal, Josie, who could turn his life upside down.  Josie does not know that Summer and her fiancé are not what they appear.  Josie is surprised to find that Summer, her employer, is a witch and Daylan is a warlock.  Summer has created a pretty normal life for herself by owning and running a yoga studio.  Besides being distracted by the appearance of Daylan, she is focused on keeping Josie safe from a stalker.  The whole group is trying to lead a normal life but will use magic to keep their loved ones safe.

This is much more than just a romance or a paranormal story.  It has witches, warlocks, ghosts and faes, each of which have their own agendas. Each character is special in their own way.  They are so well developed and described that the reader starts to wonder if this is real.  The storyline is unique in that these characters are fighting back on a century's long curse.  The author’s writing is so descriptive that the reader feels like they are actually there during the conflicts. The chemistry between Josie and Daylan is palpable from their first meeting.  The reader is drawn into this story from the first page and stays engrossed until the last word!

Stephanie Shaw