Charlotte Redbird, Ghost Coach (Cat’s Paw Cove)


Charlotte Redbird is a life coach, and she is good at her job. When she is driven out of Chicago by a spiteful ex-client, she decides to go be with her family in Florida for a change of scenery, and hopefully, some new clients. Dylan Graham, the local real estate agent, hooks her up with a new place right next to the cemetery. The two share an instant attraction and things seem like they are off to a great start — until her ghost neighbor shows up looking for help. Perhaps her true calling might not be to help the living, but rather, the dead.

“Charlotte Redbird, Ghost Coach” is a fun, fast, sassy read! Part of the Cat’s Paw Cove town series, the novella reads as a standalone. There are plenty of Easter eggs involving other townspeople, though! Charlotte, otherwise called Charley, is the star and she is the one easy to empathize with. Bright and optimistic, she blends in well with the rest of the characters. Her sassy grandmother is a scene-stealer! The hero, Dylan, is charming. His chemistry with Charley is instant. There are places where the book could have benefited from a few more details and backstory. A few elements might make more sense if readers have read other installments in the series. That being said, enough is explained so as not to get totally lost. The quick pace and adventure keep the story moving!

This is a great read for lovers of cozy mysteries or a touch of the supernatural!

Chelsea Andersen