Charley's Christmas Wolf: A Macconwood Pack Novella (The Macconwood Pack Series Book 1)

C. D.

Rafe Maccon is the Alpha of the Macconwood Pack, for the moment. Another wolf is challenging his position because Rafe is not mated and the Macconwood law states the Alpha must be so. Rafe’s Wolf Guard takes it upon themselves to go out and find a woman worthy of their Alpha. That is where the find Charley Palmieri. Charley is working a dead end job and lives with her cat. When she is “kidnapped” by Rafe’s Guard and taken to their lair, Charley is so confused she doesn’t know what to think. Once Rafe and Charley meet there is an instant attraction. Strange things begin to happen and Rafe must convince Charley that they are truly wolves before Christmas Eve or he will lose his status as Alpha. Will Rafe be successful or will Charley cringe and turn away when she sees what he truly is?


C. D. Gorri has created an interesting story. It is one of a kind and the writing techniques are spot on. The characters are likeable but lack true depth, but only because of novella size. Due to the lack of depth in the characters, it becomes difficult to identify with any of them. The plot of the story starts and stops as it moves through. Readers may find it hard to keep pace in places and want to speed up in others. Ms. Gorri does have a wonderful way of showing rather than telling the story and readers will find “Charley’s Christmas Wolf” a quick afternoon read. 

Mary-Nancy Smith