Celebration House


Carrie Hansen has spent her life working as a nurse in the cardiac ward of the hospital. She never thought she’d suffer from heart problems herself;  but after she flatlines during heart surgery, she discovers she can see and talk to the dead. With her heart failing, Carrie returns to her childhood home in Lexington, Missouri to do fulfill a dream - renovate an abandoned antebellum mansion and turn it into a venue for celebrations. It won't be easy - not with a cast of ghosts currently haunting the place (some friendly and some not), and long list of repairs - but Carrie is determined.  With the help of friends and a bit of ghostly romance thrown in, will Carrie manage to achieve her dream before her new heart stops?


Four stars to a fantastic paranormal romance!  Although Carrie is dying, she is more determined than many healthy people.  Despite the concerns of her family, Carrie gathers new friends and even manages to convince the ghostly residents to play along as she fights for her dream. Although the romance is more of a sideline to Carrie’s goal and could have been more developed, the entertaining characters, including the ghosts of Col Stratton and his wife, and Carrie’s new friend Beth, add the depth needed to round it out. 


Ultimately a great read for any teen or adult, "Celebration House" will surely leave a smile!


Sarah E Bradley