Cauldron Bubble


Fate and Destiny are not your average twins, teens or witches. Love potions are their specialty but when disaster strikes at their new school, their lives are flipped upside down. Warlocks have been destroying witches for years by consuming their power, but when the girls discover that they, along with their mother, are the only potion witches left, things get even more serious. They begin to discover powers they never knew they had and with the help of Quinlan, a boy from school, Destiny begins to learn that true love may not require a potion after all.

Geared very much to the young adult reader, this story begins with fun, spells and plenty of drama. Magic and high school, however, do not always mix well. The characters begin rather flighty with nothing very substantial to connect the reader until the story progresses and then they truly take flight. The romance between Destiny and Quinlan is not as heartfelt as it could have been leaving their blossoming relationship to wither, yet the reader continues to root for them regardless. The sisters are a wonderful centre and the adventure and discovery that awaits them makes this worth adding to your to-read list, especially for those paranormal enthusiasts.

Margaret Faria