A Cat's Chance in Hell

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In a world of uncontrollable demons, bloodthirsty vampires and all kinds of dangerous supernaturals, everyone who is anyone knows the one to truly fear is Gabi; aka Hellcat, aka Angeli Morte, or at least her gigantic, bad-tempered cat, Razor. In possession of supernatural senses and terrific martial art skills she fights all the big bad creatures out there with her partners and friends. But, suddenly life changes, as demons descend upon them.  A sexy vampire Master named Julius kidnaps Gabi knowing they might have to join forces to save everyone.
Now, Gabi has to save the world, figure out how to resist a sexy vampire and save the aforementioned vampire from kitty Razor. Oh, the joys of being the Hellcat!
It’s always difficult to begin a new Urban Fantasy series, but Sharon Hannaford has coped with it admirably. The world and its rules weren’t too confusing and the characters are surprisingly relatable. They could have used a bit more depth, though. Everyone from Gabi to the bad guy(especially him) needed something to make them stand out and feel real. The plot was engaging, but a bit of tidying up is also needed, to control the info dump and make the tension more pronounced and the book one that keeps readers on the edge of their seat. However, the solid base is there: the interesting world, the intriguing characters, and a love story that draws the romantics in.
Definitely a series that can go places one would love to experience!
Mimi Smith