Catching Red (Undead Fairy Tales #2)


Scarlet “Red” Ryding is raised in a post-apocalyptic sanctuary populated by women, where her grandmother is the matriarch of this “men are the demon’s spawn” compound. She’s a hardliner if not insane, more likely to offer Scarlet a public beating than a hand-knit cardigan. When granny-from-hell sends Scarlet on a mission with her likely ending as the main course in a zombie buffet, she has no choice but to obey to save her.


Marcus Woodsman is a spy for the Federal Military Agency who hacks his way through the undead to save one spicy, Ninja-tough, knife-wielding redhead. He nurses Scarlet’s wounds and educates her in the sensualities of man and woman. When Scarlet leaves to complete her mission, the agent follows because he needs his heart back, and she’s got it.

“Catching Red” is a stimulating offshoot of a favorite tale with nasty flesh-eating zombies instead of the big bad wolf. It employs a cornerstone of good writing, that of enjoyable characters with well-defined personalities. There’s no doubt every reader is going to want “granny” to get what she deserves! The plot is not especially riveting, but it is clean and straight-forward. The steamy loves scenes have a wee bit of kink to make it fun. Info dump in the first chapter was a bit daunting, but the pace evens out and finds a comfortable tempo. Truly a fun read for zombie-apocalypse lovers, “Catching Red” is one very titillating bedtime story for adults! 

Natasza Waters