A Castle for Dragons


HISTORICAL:  When Lord Durham is killed in a dragon attack and the castle under his protection is destroyed, the King sends his adopted son Kyle to help with the village, its people and to slay the dragon. Kathryn is determined to see justice after losing her brother and father to this beast, yet she finds the noble dragon slayer somewhat of a mystery, and is doubtful that he can protect them with just a shield. To her surprise, he has a way to withstand the heat from its breath of fire and even more secrets she is determined to discover. However, when the dragon begins to steal maidens, she fears she is next. Will she be taken by the dragon, or will a much better fate await her if she is taken by the dragon slayer?

 Readers will be placed directly in the line of fire early on and sent into battle time and time again in "A Castle for Dragons", with explicit scenes that are all consuming. Kyle begins with a rather arrogant introduction but overall is a compelling character. Kathryn falls short of this reader's expectations and felt under developed. Their romance is very sudden, but nonetheless appealing. Initially a small amount of confusion lies in the true nature of Kyle and his soldiers that is not fully explained but when reading further it is revealed, adding a much needed balance to the overall story. It is a thrilling read with some very unique elements and a rich story that will take the reader on a journey which combines fantasy, folklore, and a magical romance!

 Margaret Faria