Cardinal Desires


Forensic psychiatrist Katy McCaully fell in love in her teens with a thirteenth century warrior she saw in a painting, and has found no one yet who measures up to her idol. Working with Scotland Yard to find a sadistic killer dubbed the Vampire Slayer, she meets Sterling Fox, the mirror image of her warrior. Sterling, a high-profile journalist, is also trying to capture the murderer and needs Katy’s help. Katy knows that the police and the media don’t mix so is reluctant to help; however, the sizzling chemistry between her and Sterling burns white hot, and she’s having trouble keeping her desire in check. 


This superbly paranormal romance starts out with a bang and doesn’t let up until the very end! The characters are intense and believable with personalities that burst out from the pages, bringing them to life. The chemistry between Katy and Sterling is so sizzling hot this reader could almost feel the emotional sparks flying! The dialogue at the very beginning is a little disjointed causing the reader to lose focus, but it quickly smoothes out, engaging the reader with its steady pacing, vivid descriptions, and twists and turns.


This captivating paranormal read is a good mixture of romance and mystery. There is plenty of action, bloody battles, mystery, and twists and turns for lovers of suspense and action. In addition, the abundance of sizzling chemistry, steamy passion, and scorching sex will keep lovers of romance fanning themselves. Add the paranormal twist into the mix, and it ends up being an enthralling novel that is a definite must read!


Janna Shay