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Star of Wonder (2021 Holiday Romance Collection #1)
Chasity Bowlin, Caroline Lee, Meara Platt, Alexa Aston, Emily EK Murdoch, Elisa Braden, C.H. Admirand, Nicole Locke,
Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Abigail Bridges, Veronica Crowe, E. Elizabeth Watson, and Anna Markland

ANTHOLOGY: Star of Wonder is a collection of historical novellas that are inspired by classic Christmas Carols. For instance, “The 12 Days of Christmas” song is the inspiration behind Luke St. Clair when he gives his wife a new Christmas gift each day leading up to the most heartwarming gift of all!

Sam Rathborne-Paxton and his three brothers are in a mess since their father, the Marquess of Vegas, lost all their funds to the ultimate villain. The brothers must put their heads together and marry rich women without letting the villain have all the power over their carefully constructed reputations. At first, Sam seeks out Alice Woodmont, his mistress, to help him find a bride.

The Incident
Avis M.

DYSTOPIAN: Josh and Emma are two teenagers living completely different lives. The entire world around them has been raving about a potential set of storms known as “El Primo” that could destroy everything. Josh’s father, a scientist who was trying to convince people of its arrival, fully prepared their house in case it hit sooner rather than later.

Claudia has always been surrounded by bodyguards. Being a Fire Maiden since birth can have its burdens. She has a one-night stand with a stranger, a way for her to feel free, and it backfires on her quite quickly when the stranger is hired as her next bodyguard. Heath, a bear shifter, was not expecting to become the bodyguard to someone as stubborn and fiery as Claudia.

Girl on Fire

This book has received a CNF rating due to a graphic rape scene that violates our steam guidelines.

Jennifer Shepherd