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The Chosen One
Deborah Camp

A wealthy real estate mogul is demanding that his son, Alexander Grant, settle down so he can take over as CEO of the family business.

Servators, servants of the Maker, strive to maintain order against incursion by Breachers, who sow chaos. They wage a secret high-tech war, vying to recruit the best young minds to further their causes. Leviticus Radix, a Computational Engineering student in his final year at the prestigious Denmount Court of Learning, has caught the interest of both sides.

Rowan Baird is a witch with defective powers. Living a mundane life as Technical Writer at a large supernatural law firm in Portland, she endures her coworkers’ ridicule with the support of her best friend, and more talented witch, Tabitha. Alex Kouris is her new boss and IT director. On his first day on the job, Alex and Ro succumb to their surprising attraction and share a kiss.

HISTORICAL: Taking a chance at unrequited love? Olivia Fitzroy is the eldest of twelve female Fitzroy cousins. When nearly the entire Fitzroy family descends upon the family home in Chalcroft for Christmas, the house is filled with boisterous noise and joyful reunions.

HISTORICAL: Dr. Stuart Walsingham has been courting Miss Caroline Fitzroy, stepdaughter of a wealthy and well-connected gentleman, for the better part of a year and has finally mustered up the courage to ask for her hand. The charming young doctor who has risen from poverty will need to work very hard to maintain Miss Fitzroy in her comfortable lifestyle.