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Spirit of the Winds

A society girl who hates her proper life, Katherine Jameson escapes early each morning to ride her beloved horse in wild abandon. She dreams of a life usually reserved for men—that of a sea captain, just like her late father. Sadly, Katherine’s mother and aunt have arranged for her to marry a man who, although wealthy, is repugnant and much older.

Helena Patrick is a famous actress who has given her life to the theater. Unfortunately, when her boss kicks her out of the theater she finds herself scrambling for a place to live and a new job. That is when she is referred to the Governess Bureau. Her strong memory grants her a chance to become a governess for the Fernsby’s, who have been dealing with their mother’s passing.

When Dr. Evie Wortham is sent away for thirty days after an altercation over a patient, she finds herself deep within the wilderness of Scotland trying to sort out her life. As she runs through trees and waterfalls to save a kitten, she stumbles upon a 13th century Highlander, Chieftain Quinn MacTaggart, who is suffering a serious injury.

Rebecca, Lady Cornish, has lost not one husband, but two, earning her the title of the Black Widow. Shunned by members of society, the young widow focuses on raising her young son and preventing her husband's relatives from taking him from her. Ludovic Dunne specializes in solving tricky problems, and when he is approached to learn all he can about the Black Widow, he is intrigued.

disappeared with rumors swirling that he had tried to overthrow his older brother. Gage did what he had to do to survive and now he is back on English territory, part of a mercenary army paid to settle a dispute between neighbors. Wynter is shocked to run into Gage for he is no longer the young compassionate man she remembers, but a warrior made of ice.