Captivated By a Vampire (Immortal Hearts of San Francisco #2)


Chelle and Josh are two average people living in the beautiful city of San Francisco.  Chelle is haunted by unanswered questions from her past, such as why she witnessed her parents’ murder at age five, but she can’t remember anything about the incident.  It’s no surprise she finds herself drawn to investigative reporter Josh Barrett.  Josh is strikingly attractive, and as he deals with his own demons he finally finds respite in meeting and falling for Chelle.  Both live in separate worlds, one walking by day and the other by night, but somehow through their differences their mysteries will be uncovered.  Ultimately is their love enough to overcome the differences that could keep them forever apart?


This story puts a new a new twist on the ever-popular vampire romance story.  The first person point of view switches back and forth between Josh and Chelle, making the story narrate evenly between two main characters as opposed to the traditional one.  However, the voice between the two often sounded the same so it made the reader work to remember which character was talking.  

There were lots of well-written graphic and steamy sex scenes which were fun, but plot wise they make the reader feel Chelle and Josh seem drawn to each other out of lust rather than love.  The plot pacing is just right, and the mysteries of trauma that both Chelle and Josh are trying to overcome certainly compel the reader to keep moving forward to find out what will happen next! 

Mary B Rose