Caller of Light


On a magical world where castles dot the landscape and serpentine beasts pepper the sky, Marek Duncan, the King of Stirrlan, prepares to negotiate a matrimonial alliance.  Marek and his Criton riders take flight to King McKay’s territory.  The king’s daughter Marissa McKay is rumored to be the Caller of Light.  Her ability to summon the fierce fire-breathing Critons would reinforce Stirrlan’s defenses against the onslaught of invaders.   Marek’s fascination with beautiful yet unsuitable Carina McKay tests his duty to his kingdom, and ultimately alters their lives.  A fragile bond is forged.  Enemies will attempt to destroy their union, and Carina and Marek will battle to realize their destiny.

“Caller of Light” kicks off with a thrilling ride atop dragon-like beasts that soar across jagged mountaintops.   King Marek Duncan’s pursuit of a lone Criton rider sets the romance into motion.  Carina’s natural ability with the coveted creatures captivates Marek, along with her non-deferential treatment towards him; and it’s deeply satisfying how their relationship has compelling emotional and intellectual roots.  Their raw need for happiness, acceptance, and love is a moving aspect in their story.  Ms. Shaw creates a worthy hero and heroine.  The tender relationship first established by Carina and Marek adds to the feelings anguish when they encounter harrowing situations and devastating betrayals.   “Caller of Light” has many pleasing other-worldly qualities, so the characters’ name choice seems peculiar, but it is the author’s prerogative. Ultimately, Ms. Shaw delivers a delightfully visual story, leaving one anxious for the next book.


Anna Fitzgerald