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Jonathan Bishop has waited a very long time for the right woman to come along. He is ready to give up on ever finding the right woman, but decides to give it one more chance. When woman he considers very plain steps into his life, and he decides to take a chance and see what will come of it.

Avirea Blackwell is on vacation in London as a treat to herself for finishing college early.  Out to see the sights, she soon finds herself being offered a job that has nothing to do with her degree, and from an arrogant, devastatingly gorgeous man! After meeting Jonathan Bishop, all she can think about are his eyes and how much she wants him. What’s a girl to do when you can’t get a man off your mind?

What an exhilarating book Charlie Daye has delivered in “Butterfly”!  Readers will find that from the first word they are treated to mystery and romance, with a fast-paced storyline that has them turning page after page wanting more. Jonathan and Avirea are a delight to follow, and each character in this story brings such playfulness it stimulates the mind.  There are some editing glitches that need looking into but the story itself is truly a magical tale to read!

Melody Prat