The Business of Love (Eros & Co. Series Book 1)


FANTASY/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Liz has built a wall around her heart and does not believe in falling in love. However, the walls are threatened when a new guy starts in marketing and she finds herself head over heels. It is an instant attraction and she is forced to fight her feelings. Leo cannot understand why his colleague is giving him the cold shoulder. He never usually has problems with women, but the tattooed beauty is resisting. Unknown to them, their boss is actually Eros, the God of Love, and he is using his powers to make people fall in love. If he fails to bring Liz and Leo together before Liz's 25th birthday, she will die and Eros will lose his immortality. There is a lot depending on the two of them getting together and they don't even know it.

The concept of this book is rather unique and adds an air of urgency to the storyline. It keeps the reader on edge throughout the book as they wonder what the outcome will be. Liz is a character who has been through a lot and is very guarded which makes her relatable. She keeps Leo at arm's length. Leo grows throughout the book and this is portrayed well by the author. The plot is even and moves along nicely. “The Business of Love” is an interesting story and an excellent start to the series. It will be interesting to see what other plots Kerri Keberly comes up with for the other books in the series as this one was certainly an intriguing one. Certainly a series to look out for.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick