The Burn

Kristal Dawn

Leon is a fallen angel, cursed to live out his immortal life as a vampire. Owner of a club, he has searched for his mate for centuries and does not expect her to walk into his club and cause chaos. Shana wants nothing to do with the vampire after the death of her angelic parents.  After she leaves, they find their lives in peril and when Shana returns, she finds Leon in a bad way. Will she give into the feelings that are simmering underneath her hardened exterior? As they fight Lucifer and his dark forces, their love grows until they can deny it no longer.

The story wraps around the reader and pulls them in from page one into a story filled with action, adventure and a sexy-as-sin vampire. The descriptions are in depth and very fulfilling which make this a book readers will not be able to put down. The concept of Leon being a fallen angel who lives his life as a vampire is unique and adds another layer of depth to the story. Shana’s story of her parents being killed is perhaps a little clichéd, but it does not take away from the excitement of the plot. Readers should prepare hold their breath for the love scenes and using the e-reader as a fan, because they are hot, hot, hot! Kristal Dawn Harris has outdone herself with this gem of a book and hopefully there will be many more like this one! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick