Burdened by Desire (Elemental Sisters #2)


Jocelyn has only recently discovered her rare role in the world of the Immortals as an Elemental. When a second attempt is made on her life, it becomes apparent that an enemy, the Malums Inmortalis, is after her. Landon is the alpha werewolf of his pack.  He knows that Jocelyn is his fated mate, yet he has spent months away from her in constant torment because he knows that his pack needs full blooded alpha offspring from him. When his mate's life is threatened, however, he can no longer stand aside. But will his obvious reluctance backfire on him and push Jocelyn away?  Now he must convince not only himself and Jocelyn that they are meant to be, but also his pack and the rest of the Immortals.

The Immortal beings and their world are fascinating in this second installment of the Elemental Sisters series.  Vampires, Werewolves, Angels and Demons, and other mythical legends have all come together to fight a common enemy, and the idea behind this story has a lot of potential.  However, the reluctant and melodramatic romance overshadowed what could have been a riveting plot. Coupled with the need for a heavy-handed editor, this book had quite a few missed opportunities. Better description and more world building would have helped round out the drama. However, a truly excellent cast of secondary characters leaves a lot of room for series growth and development.

Nicole Duke