Bryan’s Betrayal (Shrew & Company #3)


Shrew Investigator Tamara Ursu is on assignment to bring in rogue were-bear, Bryan Ridge. When Tamara finds Bryan, he is able to convince her to go rogue and help him oust his Alpha and bring his group back to mediating disputes rather than dealing weed. During the course of executing the plan, Tamara finds her health suffers when she is near Bryan.  Not knowing if he is the cause or the cure for her ill health leaves them with no recourse but to ask the Shrews for help. 

Bryan’s Betrayal is the third book in the Shrew & Company series. This interesting paranormal suspense cannot stand-alone and would be much easier to understand if the series was read in sequence. When reaching the end of the story, the reader will be disappointed that much has not been resolved, and that the story continues in another book. 

If one has read the previous installments and has the patience to wait to the end, they will find this well-written paranormal romance has strong alpha characters that are likable, and a story line that flows smoothly. There are twists and turns that help make the story interesting and lots of witty dialogue. For readers who like spice with their paranormal romance, this book delivers with great chemistry between the protagonists, plenty of sexual tension, and steamy sex scenes. Overall, this is an entertaining read that will keep the reader interested and make them want to read the entire series to its culmination.

Janna Shay