The Brown House

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Once upon the time The Browns and the Mayhews became small town enemies. As time went on, it got only worse…
Back to the future…
Brylee Branson is, and has always been, a Cali girl. She likes sunshine, beaches and all the comforts of home (including a hot boy, Ethan). When the time comes for her family to move to New Jersey, she drags her feet every step of the way. This is NOT where she wants to be, that’s for sure! And, after she sees the Brown House, the feeling intensifies. It is…haunted and weird. On the flip side, she soon meets a cool future friend, Lyn, who has a cute brother Ephraim, who Brylee hopes might just be a future boyfriend. Aw, the joys of love and friendship! But, what’s a girl to do when ghosts and curses get in the way?
An old feud… magic… love and secrets… ghosts… The mystery and the past story were so incredibly intriguing and satisfying! Unfortunately, the present day events were less so. Brylee was the main problem. Although meant to be down-to-earth and affable, she came across as vain (constantly mentioning how beautiful she), shallow and a rather flat character.  Same with the romance, it just didn’t feel real. The issues weren’t helped by an appalling number of grammatical errors and typos.  The solid base of a ghost story is there, it just needs better construction, and who knows, within the next few books in the series, Brylee may gain the maturity to turn herself and this series into a hit!  
Mimi Smith