Broken Prophecy


Killian, commander and Prince of the Fey, is searching for a killer.  Lilith, an angel who was exiled to earth, has resurfaced and is seeking revenge by using powerful spells to destroy the fey while unleashing destruction upon earth. It is his job to secure the realm and protect the planet.  The pressure is mounting, as he is also expected by the Divine council to take the throne and provide heirs. His one true soul mate is Marcella Rowan.  Although she is descended from Druids she is still human and humans are forbidden to unite with the fey.  Killian and Marcella must endure ridicule and overcome the forces trying to tear them apart. Their love must prevail in order for the species and magic to survive.
The attraction between Killian and Marcella is believable and yet at times feels as though it is missing something. They swerve back and forth initially, failing to completely convince the reader of this incredible connection that will face all odds. Once their story progresses, however,  it does become a passionate, immortal love story.  It just takes some time to get there. The rules and the magical realm are well thought out and the evil Lilith has the grandeur of a villain right out of a Disney movie. Towards the end it gets quite complex with a lot thrown at the reader to digest. If one pays attention and enjoys a escape to a fantasy world filled with passion and peril, this is a good choice.

Margaret Faria