Breakwater (The Mer Chronicles #2)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  When the sudden death of the siren queen and her only son Peter leaves the siren community in shambles, the Blake family does what they can to help. The return of a long-lost siren reveals the truth about Carmen Blake's parentage. As the blood heir to the throne, Carmen makes an effort to adjust to her royal role as queen. But between a mentally unstable former government official and the chaos caused by the influx of human genetics being introduced into their offspring, the sirens of Griffin's Bay have their hands full. Can Carmen and the other sirens contain the threat and maintain order? Only time will tell.

Told in Ms. Stevens' always elegant writing style, "Breakwater" dives deeper into the evocative world of sirens. Beautiful and expansive, this tale will thrill fans as they revisit the Blakes and the rest of the siren hierarchy. Readers are introduced to new characters and exciting storylines. As this is the second book in The Mer Chronicles, one would benefit from reading the series in order. The author has created something that appeals to those looking less for a story to read as to an experience to have. The depictions of the emotional pull between sirens and humans results in some of the best writing in the entire book. As mesmerizing as this tale is, some readers may find it difficult to keep pace with the various sub plots. And while the author goes to great lengths to paint a picture in one's mind, the extreme attention to detail is overwrought at times. All things considered, this book is a must read for fantasy lovers! 


Chantel Hardge