A Breach in Time (Coeur de Lion 1)


HSITORICAL:  One moment Alix is enjoying the Renaissance Fair with her friends, when she is given a brooch. The next thing she knows she is lost in the forest during the 12th century. She comes across a group of knights, led by none other than Richard, Duke of Aquitaine, known as Richard the Lionheart. At the moment, his mother is held prisoner and his brothers are planning a betrayal. He does not know it yet, but he will be the future king of England. However, Alix can change all that. He is immediately attracted to Alix but there is something quite unusual about her. She is not an ordinary servant, but there is no way Alix can tell him the truth. One decision can alter history forever. The only problem is that she is losing her heart to him.

This time travel romance just goes to show that love knows no bounds and transcends time. The historical detail in this book is fantastic. It is obvious that it is well researched, although the dialogue could have been a little more realistic. It felt like the conversations were comparable to current times and did not immerse the readers into the story. Richard felt true to his historical self. Alix is a modern woman in the twelfth century. Almost all her outburst and actions should have had her executed. Her strength in a male-dominated time is admirable, though. The issue is that her thoughts show that she is worried about changing history but her actions say otherwise. Between the timeless romance and the political intrigue, this book will keep readers glued to the pages.

Amanda Hupe