Bound (The Silverton Chronicles #2)


Florian and Ivy are private detectives when their pack duties do not get in the way. Florian Dupree is a vampire and Ivy is a guardian, but they are bound to Parker Reeves' pack. Flo has the impressive job of negotiations for the pack, his charm being his greatest asset. When a pack of females moves onto Parker’s lands he sends Flo to make an agreement with their Alpha, a minx by the name of Keely. Keely has charms of her own that totally throw Flo off his game and his world into a tailspin. Add in chaos from the realm of Alethia seeping into the world around them and everyone has something to deal with. 


"Bound" is a tremendous action-packed read with a collection of developed characters that come together through Ms. Fox's tight prose. Florian is indeed a charmer that keeps the reader attracted to the tale as it progresses. However, it is the dynamic female characters of Ivy and Keely that truly pack a punch. Different, yet similar, they keep the fellas on their toes and story moving along. The back story is adeptly defined without overwhelming the current telling, allowing this book to stand alone, even though it is the second in a series. Complex plot lines are easily melded by the author’s attention to details. It is definitely worth being bound to this pack in order to see what will happen next!


Penelope Anne Bartotto